tS for Android™: Working with Footnotes

translationStudio for Android

A footnote is additional text that usually appears at the bottom of a book’s page and is referenced within the page. In translationStudio, a footnote is shown as a black page icon that you tap to display the footnote. Footnotes can provide further explanation when:

  • There are proper names, words or terms that differ between various Bible versions
  • There are missing words or verses in the ULB. (There may be text in one Bible version that is not present in the ULB.)

To translate a footnote:

  1. In the source text, tap the footnote to open it.
  • It’s not possible to copy/paste the footnote text.
  • You may need to write down the translation because you can’t have the original footnote open and type into the footnote translation at the same time.
  1. Open the translated chunk for editing.
  • If the chunk is marked as done, tap the “mark the chunk as done” toggle so that the chunk is not marked as done.
  • Tap the pencil icon.
  1. Tap at the place where you want to add the footnote.
  2. Tap the Add Footnote icon at the top left of the translated chunk.
  3. Translate the footnote in the source text into the “Add Footnote” pop-up and tap OK.
  4. The footnote icon now appears inline. Tap the check mark to save the changes.

To edit or delete a translated footnote:

  1. Ensure the chunk is not marked done and that you are not in Edit mode.
  2. Tap the footnote.
  3. Tap DELETE to delete it or EDIT to edit it.
  4. When finished, mark chunk as done.